The Messy Church Movement began in 2004 in a small church in Cowplain, near Portsmouth in England, called St. Wilfrid’s, where a group of people were looking for a different way to reach children with God’s word. This group was led by a lady named Lucy Moore. God inspired her to try a totally new approach to bridging the gap between the busyness of modern families and the gift of sharing faith and so Messy Church was created! Messy Church offered a way for the entire family to come and enjoy crafts, puzzles, activities, singing and prayer all related to the stories and faith as found in the Bible. Each gathering was followed by a meal which allowed for families to spend time together with food, fellowship, faith and fun!

Messy-Church - Trivitt Memorial Anglican Church


Messy Church became so popular that it has spread to many countries worldwide. There are now 2,492 Messy Churches around the world (and growing!), all linked together with a monthly newsletter, website and supporting resources.


Our Messy Church at Trivitt began in 2009 with an Open House at the Exeter Harvest Weekend, followed by the first ever “family faith event”. Numbers grew rapidly over the next couple of months to over 100 participants. Since then there have been changes in leadership and volunteers, families moving away and new families arriving, children getting older and new ones being born. The children love it, so do the families; many of whom have been coming since the beginning. The volunteers range from teenagers to grandparents – but we can always use more.


Messy Church welcomes families from all church traditions and with a broad range of backgrounds and beliefs. What draws us all together as one “Messy Church” is our faithfulness to God and our desire to make Church meaningful and accessible to the present and future generations of Christians.






Check us out. Be prepared for some excitement and don’t be afraid to get a little Messy!